Monday, January 20, 2014

Georgia and Beyond: Southern Self-Taught Art, Past and Present

Madison Morgan Cultural Center. Madison, Georgia. 

 l to r: Melissa Polhamus, John Culver

 William Fields

 l to r: William Fields, George Lowe

l to r: Alan Wayne Bradley, JJ Cromer, William Fields

John Culver (right) was also at the opening.  
He does amazing work; it was an honor to meet him.

You can see more of his work here


  1. Wish I could have made this. Such spectacular work all around. I just checked out John Culver's work ( thank you for the link) and was astounded at how good this guy is. It's hard to believe no gallery or dealer represents him yet! Anyhow, you just turned me on to a new favorite JJ.

  2. The exhibit is wonderful. I'm very grateful to be included. The show will be up for a while, so if you do find yourself near Atlanta before April 13 you should check it out! John Culver's work is out of this world!